Moving House?

If you are moving out into the country during 2017, in most cases the home will use an oil fired central heating system. Hopefully, this means that somewhere in the garden should be a steel or plastic tank, in good condition we hope. It is important to regularly check for vegetation around the tank, making sure to cut it back so the tank becomes exposed whilst paying particular attention to the external sight gauge ensuring that the valve and the sight gauge are not damp or leaking. If your lucky enough to have a new tank installed prior to moving home remember that a metal tank will require a coat of paint every few years to preserve the condition.

If your new to having an oil storage tank that powers your central heating or for cooking purposes it is imperative to THINK about protecting the environment and the way the tank should not only be installed but looked after. Take a look into the OFTEC domestic oil storage regulations

When moving out to the country it is more than likely that the tank that supports your central heating system will need replacing. The sitting life of a plastic storage tank is 20 years,
The tanks that are currently in use in most parts of the UK are are becoming close to twenty years service and should be renewed. If this is the case, you need to find the serial number on the tank, if it is a plastic tank the serial number is embezzled into the top. If the tank is worn or you cant locate the serial number on the tank, check with the manufacturer or check your warranty card.