Agricultural Tanks: What Farmers’ Buying Groups Want

As Cereals 2024 approaches, we take a look at the features and benefits that farmers’ buying groups most frequently look for in storage tanks.

With Cereals 2024 opening this week, farmers’ buying groups will be talking with storage tank manufacturers such as Atlantis Tanks to find suppliers who can deliver on their demands and expectations. What will be on their shopping list?

What do buyers look for in a tank supplier?

As intermediaries between suppliers and their farming members, the purchasing teams of farmers’ buying groups look for manufacturers and suppliers who can offer expert advice and support. They are often unfamiliar with the requests they receive from farmers, so they rely on the expertise of a tank specialist to identify the most suitable products for the farmers’ requirements.

At Atlantis Tanks, we have extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector and a wide range of diesel, AdBlue and heating oil storage and dispensing tanks, making us a key partner to farmers’ buying groups.

Fast, accurate quoting is also essential, as buyers have to return three quotes to the farmer so they can choose which product and supplier they will use.

What tanks do farmers source through buying groups?

Farmers mostly require diesel and AdBlue® storage and dispensing tanks, and AdBlue is growing in popularity as it becomes a standard requirement on more agricultural equipment. Heating oil tanks are also popular for heating farmhouses and other buildings.

Farmers also replace older tanks that no longer comply with regulations, following the advice of Red Tractor inspectors, or require additional features:

  • Bunded tanks – Bunded tanks are increasingly replacing single-skinned tanks on British farms as regulations tighten up on the maximum capacity of single-skinned tanks (2,500 litres) and their location (no less than 10 metres from a watercourse, soakaway, septic tank, etc.). Bunded tanks provide better protection against environmental pollution, capture spilt contents in the event of an inner tank leakage and deter fuel theft.
  • Fill point heights – The connections used to fill diesel and AdBlue tanks are large and very heavy, so the fill point on the tank must be within a reasonable maximum height of the ground. This is not always the case with older tanks; a replacement tank may be required.
  • Fuel polishing systems – Fuel polishing uses filtration and circulation to remove harmful contamination such as water, sludge and bacteria from the fuel. This ensures optimum fuel performance and protects the fuel systems on expensive farm equipment against damage.
  • Fuel pumps – While most farm vehicles and equipment run on diesel, different pump flow rates are often required depending on the type of vehicle. Those with a smaller fuel tank capacity such as cars and trucks may require a pump with a lower flow rate, while larger tractors and harvesters need a pump with a higher flow rate for faster, more time-efficient refuelling, particularly during busy periods such as harvesting.

What will Atlantis Tanks exhibit at Cereals 2024?

You can find us on Stand 300, where we will be exhibiting a wide range of dispensing tanks, including:

  • Steel diesel dispensers – On display will be our 1,000L bunded steel diesel dispensing tank, fitted with a hose reel and a 50 litres/minute pump
  • Plastic diesel dispensers – We will also show our 5,000L and 10,000L bunded plastic diesel dispensers and our smaller 1,300L and 2,450L versions.
  • Full Pollicube range – We will be exhibiting our full range of Pollicube diesel dispenser tanks. These transportable bunded dispenser tanks can easily be loaded onto a vehicle to provide refuelling facilities anywhere on your farm and maximise productivity, particularly during busy periods.
  • Last but not least – our Beer Dispensing Tank! – Visiting Cereals can be thirsty work, and Atlantis Tanks has the solution to keep you refuelled through the day. Visit us and try the free beer from our Beer Dispensing Tank. Cider is also available if preferred.