Atlantis Fuels Up Quarriers, Constructors & Recyclers at Hillhead 2024

From June 25th to 27th, 2024, Atlantis Tanks will be showcasing their fuel and AdBlue® dispensing solutions at Hillhead 2024. Held annually at the Hillhead Quarry in Buxton, Hillhead 2024 is not just an exhibition; it’s a convergence of leaders, innovators and professionals from the quarrying, construction and recycling industries. The event provides an unparalleled platform for networking, discovering new technologies and exploring the latest industry trends. With over 20,000 visitors expected this year, it’s an opportunity for companies like Atlantis Tanks to demonstrate their products’ capabilities in real-world scenarios.

The quarrying, construction and recycling industries operate in environments where fuel availability can be a significant logistical challenge. Heavy machinery and vehicles need to be refuelled regularly, whether in the yard or at remote sites, and downtime caused by inefficient refuelling processes can lead to significant productivity losses. Atlantis Tanks addresses these challenges with a variety of products designed for both portable and high-volume storage and will be showcasing several of these at Hillhead.

Atlantis Steel Diesel Tanks

Our steel-bunded diesel dispensing tanks are robust, secure and designed to withstand the harsh conditions of quarries and construction sites while offering additional impact protection in vehicle storage yards.

The 950-litre PortaTank is ideal for on-site refuelling, offering a perfect balance between portability and capacity. For medium-scale operations, our 1,350-litre dispensing tank provides ample storage while ensuring fuel safety with its bunded design, while larger operations may opt for a high-capacity 10,000-litre dispensing tank to ensure a constant fuel supply.

Atlantis Plastic Diesel Tanks

While not as robust as steel, bunded plastic diesel storage tanks are lightweight, durable and don’t corrode. They also don’t get as hot as steel, which can be an advantage if the tank is sited in full sunlight, as extreme temperatures can cause a fuel-degrading bacterial bloom to form.

We will be exhibiting three plastic bunded diesel dispensing tanks from our range: our 2,450-litre horizontal tank and 2,500-litre vertical tank have similar capacities but the horizontal tank has a lower overall height while the vertical tank offers additional features for ease of use. We will also be showing a high-capacity 10,000-litre plastic bunded diesel tank.

Atlantis AdBlue® Dispensing Tanks

More diesel-powered vehicles and equipment now require AdBlue to comply with emissions standards. Our AdBlue dispensers ensure a ready portable or static supply.

Our 230-litre PolliCube AdBlue tank can be easily mounted on the back of a truck and taken to vehicles and equipment around the quarry or construction site. It’s also an ideal size for smaller operations.

For higher-volume users, we will also be showing our 1,300-litre plastic bunded AdBlue dispensing tank.

Atlantis PolliCube Portable Diesel Tanks

Portability is often key in the quarry and construction industries, where vehicles and equipment may be working in remote locations and returning to a fuelling point is either impossible or too time-consuming.

We are bringing three products from our PolliCube portable diesel dispensing range to Hillhead. The smallest of them is the 230-litre diesel PolliCube, a compact and highly portable solution. We will also be showing two larger-capacity PolliCube diesel dispensers: the 440-litre diesel PolliCube and the 440-litre diesel PolliCube Plus, which offers additional features for ease of use.

Atlantis PolliCube Dual Dispensers

If diesel and AdBlue are both needed, why not unite them in a single compact unit? That’s what we’ve done with our PolliCube dual dispenser. Encased in a durable polyethylene transportable unit are a 400-litre diesel tank and a 50-litre AdBlue tank, combining all your refuelling needs into one.

Refresh & Refuel with Atlantis at Hillhead

We will also be bringing a unique attraction to our stand – DrinkTANK! This is a specially adapted 950 litre steel bunded fuel tank that now contains a modern lager dispensing solution. Hawkstone lager and cider (of Jeremy Clarkson fame) will be served chilled to visitors while they learn about the latest in fuel dispensing technology. As Hillhead is a ‘dry’ show, we believe that similar beverages will be in very limited supply during the 3 day event. This alone should make the Atlantis Tanks stand at H21 a must-visit at Hillhead 2024.