Bunded Diesel Tanks

Atlantis Tanks – The Name you Can Trust for Bunded Diesel Tanks

Our StoraFuel and PortaFuel bunded diesel tanks are designed to store or transport large volumes of diesel safely and securely, while also protecting the environment against spills.

Innovative Diesel Storage and Transportation Solutions

We pride ourselves on knowing the specific needs that our customers have and the challenges they face. That’s why we stock bunded tanks for diesel storage and transportation that make life a little bit easier due to their innovative features. We also carry high stock levels of all the accessories you might need for your tank.

Bunded Diesel Tanks and the Environment

The bunding on our bunded fuel tanks protects against leaks by preventing any fuel from escaping and coming into contact with the ground or surrounding environment. This helps ensure that groundwater stays safe for human consumption as well as animal habitat and vegetation. Spills may not be due to a leak. They can also occur during normal operations, such as routine re-fuelling and replenishment of stocks. Bunded tanks have an additional layer of protection. Peace of mind for you and less potentially damaging to the environment.

Diesel spills can be costly to clean up too, especially if they reach sewage systems or waterways. Using a bunded tank minimises the chance of large clean-up costs as well as protecting your organisation’s reputation as an environmentally responsible industrial business.

Bunded Tanks Mean Reducing Fuel Theft

Bunded tanks are far more difficult for thieves to steal valuable fuel from. They take more time and are more complicated to penetrate than single-skinned tanks. Fuel theft is sadly becoming more common throughout the UK, so your Atlantis Tanks bunded diesel tank could mean you avoid becoming a victim.

Bunded Tanks in Various Capacities

Our tanks are specifically designed with ease of use in mind. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to match the requirements of your operations. PortaFuel and StoraFuel bunded diesel tanks make challenging jobs safe and simple, whatever capacity tank you choose.

If you need a tank with a non-standard capacity, just ask us. As well as holding a high stock of standard tanks, our workshop can produce non-standard sizes including extra large tanks.

Bespoke Bunded Diesel Storage Tanks

It’s not only size that matters when it comes to your bunded diesel tank. At Atlantis Tanks, we firmly believe in not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Some diesel storage requirements are unique and need a bespoke solution. In fact, we love taking on the challenge of creating a bespoke tank that is the perfect diesel storage solution – whatever the situation or circumstances!

Atlantis Tanks Legendary Delivery Service

All our tanks are delivered by our in-house team of experienced drivers. We can sometimes get a standard diesel tank to you as quickly as by the next day.

Regulatory Compliance and Guarantee

All our tanks comply with the relevant regulations for their approved use. They also come with a comprehensive, market-leading guarantee.

Atlantis PortaFuel and StoraFuel tanks – a name you can always trust and a second-to-none delivery service.