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Our Story


Our Story

What defines a legend? Is it how your story is told, the mystery that surrounds it? Or is being legendary defined by action - by not just taking your stand, but living it out every day of your life. Was it legendary how Churchill delivered his speeches during the second world war? Or was it how he stepped up to be Prime Minister, and stood his ground almost alone in England’s active opposition. Perhaps you look to Bobby Charlton, one of our greatest English footballers of all time. For his attacking instincts, ferocious long-range shot, and relentless fitness and stamina.

At Atlantis Tanks, we believe being legendary takes all these things. Making your stand, perseverance and endless hard work to deliver on what you believe in. While oil tanks might not seem to be the work of legends, it’s what we do. Someone could have the best looking tank this side of Dover, but that doesn’t mean it’s working properly. That’s where we come in, with a friendly team dedicated to delivering quality tanks that will work hard for you.

Because where we come from, legends are carved out from hard work, determination, making promises - but more than that - delivering on those promises.

We relate to tanks because they are the unsung legends throughout daily life for hundreds of households. They feed families with heat and energy, quietly working away throughout the days and nights without a word of thanks.

It’s not an easy life though, and along the way every tank will eventually need repairs or replacing. Atlantis are here to help. We’ve got thorough knowledge in the industry, some of the highest stock and the extended warranty to back it all up. Bottom line is, we know tanks. We know they are not all the same. We know what will be safe, effective and long lasting. The team at Atlantis also know what it means to work hard and dedicate ourselves to the needs of others. We understand that this is our role, and are committed to carrying it out.

At Atlantis, we’re passionate about what we do because it affects the lives of families just like ours. We do what we do because we care. No job is too big or too small, whether a customer just wants some friendly advice, or if they need a new tank delivered the next day. We’ll be there. If they need us to drive up a 5 mile road just to get to their farm, before even thinking about how to unload it, we’re there. Because they’re family, and we take care of our family.

Hard work? Quick turnarounds? Families and farms across England depending on us? You can count on us to deliver legendary service.

Atlantis Tanks. Be legendary.