Register your storage tank guarantee

Make sure your guarantee is filled out within 28 days of purchase/installation
The following storage tanks are guaranteed for:

 12 Years:  10 Years:          
BUP.R1000S BUP.R650 BUP.H1800  BUP.V3500  BUS.900  BUS.2250
BUP.R1200 BUP.R1000 BUP.H2500 BUP.V5000 BUS.1050 BUS.2700
BUP.R1750 BUP.R1250 BUP.V1230 BUP.V9400 BUS.1350 BUS.3000
BUP.H1300 BUP.R1400 BUP.V1340 BUP.V10000 BUS.1800 BUS.4000
BUP.H2450 BUP.H1235 BUP.V2455  BUP.V15000 BUS.2000 BUS.ALL SIZES

5 Years:  3 Years: 
SIP.R1200 SIS.1100
SIP.R1220 SIS.1350
SIP.LP1230 SIS.1800
SIP.H1235 SIS.2000
SIP.H1300 SIS.2500

Each guarantee is valid if:
• The guarantee has been registered with us within 28 days of purchase/installation.
• The tank has been purchased by the end user and is not for hire purposes.
• The tank has not been misused or handled carelessly.
• Repairs have not been attempted other than by our service staff.
• The tank is used for the storage of Kerosene (C1/C2), Agricultural Fuel Oil (A2) and Diesel (D), (BS2869: Part 2: 1998) or in the case of water tanks - water. It should be noted that our tanks are not suitable for the storage of petrol or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).
• The tank is installed above ground.
• The tank has been installed by an OFTEC approved installer and/or complies with the current Building Control Regulations at time of installation.
• The tank has not transferred ownership.
The guarantee excludes ancillary fittings such as a liquid measuring gauges or mechanical pumps. This guarantee does not confer and rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage.
The guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect statuary rights as a consumer.

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