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Installing an oil tank is a complex process and, for gravity fed applications, it’s vitally important to consider the position and height of the tank. Generally, it needs to be located approximately 1 – 2 feet above the boiler inlet to allow a good ‘head’ and to maintain the right pressure.

A base can be built to raise the tank to the required position. It’s crucial that this is constructed to hold the weight of the tank without any danger of structural failure. It’s important that any base is made from non-combustible materials, such as masonry or steel, to comply with regulations. However, masonry can be subject to damage from extreme weather conditions. Due to the weight of the tank, such damage can have catastrophic consequences to the integrity of the oil tank. At worst, the base can collapse, leading to either complete or partial loss of fuel oil at massive cost to both the customer and the environment.

Customers can choose to have their own brick pier or steel stand built on site by an experienced construction professional. However, bringing a third party in to complete work often makes installs more complicated, expensive and time-consuming. It can also lead to delays and further costs to the customer if the work isn’t done correctly and the base needs to be rebuilt or adjusted.

It’s usually far quicker and cheaper to use one of our steel tank stands. That’s better for you and better for your customers.

Our stands are 600 mm high and come in various sizes to suit our standard-sized oil tanks. Using an Atlantis Tanks oil tank stand gives you peace of mind that you’re installing the tank with a durable, structurally reliable stand that’s going to be able to support the oil tank for the duration of its life. As the stands are made to fit our tanks, you know that the tank will be supported exactly where it needs to be and you have our industry-leading warranty to back up your work.

Many customers also prefer our purpose-built tank stands to other base solutions because of their simple aesthetics. The stands are created to match the tank and can be painted with standard tank paint to match any colour changes the customer might make in the future. Their minimal, clean construction means that they’re visually unobtrusive – always a plus point for customers who are siting tanks close to homes or in gardens.

Our tank stands are:

  • Built to last
  • Strong
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Made to fit standard our oil tanks
  • Covered by our warranty

Next time you’re installing an oil tank for a gravity fed application, take a look at our range of steel tank stands. Our solutions make life easier for you and keep costs down for your customers.

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If you need any advice on our range of tank stands or would like to talk to one of our team about finding the right solution for your tank install, give us a call on 0330 999 1100. We’re always ready to help and our decades of combined experience means that we can find solutions to the trickiest install issues.