Atlantis PortaTank Dual Series: Portable Fuel Innovation Tanks

The Atlantis PortaTank Dual Series emerges as a significant step forward in portable fuel storage solutions, particularly catering to the evolving needs of the plant hire and power generation sector. With the introduction of Stage 5 engines in generators, necessitating the use of AdBlue® alongside diesel, Atlantis has launched a range of dual PortaTanks, ingeniously designed with robust stainless steel AdBlue tanks, distinguishing them from competitors who often use plastic. Let’s explore the features and specifications of this innovative product line.

The PortaTank Dual Models


Capacity & Dimensions: This model boasts a capacity of 950 Litres of Diesel and 260 Litres of AdBlue®, measuring 1410mm in length, 1110mm in width, and 1270mm in height.
Weight: When empty, it weighs 620kg, reaching up to 1960kg when fully loaded.


Capacity & Dimensions: It offers a larger capacity of 2000 Litres of Diesel and 260 Litres of AdBlue®, with dimensions of 2540mm x 1110mm x 1270mm.
Weight: The empty and full weights are 980 kg and 3600 kg, respectively.


Capacity & Dimensions: The largest in the series, it can store 3000 Litres of Diesel and 380 Litres of AdBlue®, and measures 2540mm x 1550mm x 1270mm.
Weight: This model weighs 1250 kg empty and 4600 kg when full.

Key Features

  • Dual Storage: Each tank features a stainless steel AdBlue® tank in the front compartment, setting a new standard in the industry.
  • Safety and Durability: The tanks are 110% bunded and come with a gas sprung lockable lid. The grey color can be customized according to preference.
  • Stability and Maintenance: Designed with inner baffles, they ensure liquid stabilization during transit and offer easy access for cleaning.
  • Handling and Transport: Features like manway access, 4-way forklift pockets, and galvanized corners enhance protection, stacking, and lifting capabilities.
  • Certifications: The tanks are ADR & UN approved, ensuring compliance and safety standards.

Enhanced Connectivity and Pump Options

  • Connectivity: The AdBlue® tank connections include a 3/4″ Feed Pipe, a 2″ Vent, and a 2.5″ Socket for filling, among others, ensuring comprehensive connectivity options.
  • Pump Options:To cater to diverse needs, the series includes three AdBlue® PortaTank Pump Kits: 12v 35lpm, 24v 35lpm, and 230v 35lpm.

Additional Accessories

  • A critical addition is the “Digital AdBlue® Flow Meter”, enhancing the functionality and ease of monitoring.

The Atlantis PortaTank Dual Series is a testament to innovative engineering, offering practical, safe, and efficient solutions for the modern requirements of the plant hire and power generation sectors. With its robust construction, versatile pump options, and enhanced safety features, it stands out as an essential asset for any operation requiring portable fuel storage solutions.

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