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3800 Litre Plastic Dual Septic Tank

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3800 Litre Plastic Dual Septic Tank – SEP.ODS3

A 3800-litre plastic dual septic/settlement tank which is suitable to cater for up to 10 people.

This is a two-stage ‘Duo Septic’ system.  The main outlet pipe must discharge to an irrigation or soak-away system which requires suitable free draining soil to operate.

Stage 1: This is the primary or main sludge retention stage where initial septicity of the raw effluent takes place which creates sludge due to it being a bi-product.

Stage 2: This is where the secondary settlement occurs and final treatment of the effluent before it discharges to a suitable soak-away system.

Duo Septic tanks require maintenance on a regular basis, this includes desludging and emptying annually.  A centre pipe will be supplied for joining the two tanks together, this is provided as a loose component for connection during installation.  Manufactured in the UK and rotationally moulded from Polyethylene which produces a stress-free product.  As a result, with correct installation and general on-going care, these products have a long life ahead of them as the product is extremely robust and very resilient.


This tank meets the requirements of EN 12566-1 which is the code of practice for Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • 3800-litre capacity
  • All pipework is 110mm
  • 2 No. 460mm lockable covers (pedestrian loading)
  • 10-year warranty.  Full installation instructions will be supplied with the tank which must be adhered to as this could affect your warranty.
  • Length: 2770mm
  • Width: 1260mm
  • Depth: 2350mm
  • Weight: 120kg

Please call our sales team for product advice on 0330 999 1100 for more information about the regulations that surround this range.

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