Water storage tanks and systems for properties in Scotland

Scotland is world-famous for many things. Some would say that one of those things is plenty of rain! But, although those visiting Scotland on holiday may beg to differ, Scottish rainwater is a valuable resource.

And, according to climate change scientists, we’re going to see plenty more of it throughout the UK. So, how can you make the most of this resource?

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is the regulator tasked with protecting and improving Scotland’s environment. They’ve recently reviewed their policies around dealing with excess surface water caused by flooding. One of the solutions they’re recommending is the use of water tanks for rainwater harvesting. This reduces the amount of surface water simply running off into the sewage system where it costs money and energy to treat and recycle.

Under the Sustainable Growth Agreement between SEPA and Scottish Water, a draft river basin management plan for Scotland has been drawn up for 2021 to 2027. The implementation of this plan is hoped to maximise the collection and use of rainwater. This will reduce the risk of flooding in towns and cities as well as significantly benefiting the environment and reducing both domestic and commercial water bills.

SEPA has this to say in the report referenced below:

“As part of SEPA’s housing sector plan, SEPA will aim to help the sector reduce, recycle and reuse water throughout the supply chain and lifecycle of homes. SEPA will help those operating in the housing sector to reduce the use of water and design homes to make use of non-potable water where appropriate rather than rely solely on potable water that has been treated to make it fit for drinking.

SEPA will develop guidance for developers and households to help them install and transition to more sustainable water supplies and wastewater treatment systems while protecting the water environment.”

For further information about this new policy, here’s the link to the report:


How Atlantis Tanks are Helping Home and Business Owners Find a Solution

Atlantis Tanks supply their range of PuraTanks and rainwater harvesting systems that can be used to capture surface water run-off. This reduces the amount of rain making its way into the sewage systems where expensive and energy-hungry processes are needed to treat it and make it suitable for our usage.

Once collected in your underground tank, your harvested rain can be treated as either potable (drinking) water or non-potable water (water used for tasks like flushing toilets, washing cars/windows and garden irrigation). This reduces the strain on our sewage systems as well as the negative impact on our environment caused by excessive use of energy.

We are UK manufacturers of the underground PuraTank range. That means your tank isn’t shipped from abroad – another plus point for reducing impact on the environment. We hold high stock levels of our range, so can get your tank or full system to your doorstep with some of the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Talk to our friendly team to find out more about how you can harvest rainwater with a PuraTank system, or browse our range on the website: https://atlantistanks.co.uk/products/puratank/water-tanks/rainwater-harvesting-systems/