Mick Boggan’s Castle Renovation – PuraTANK

The Client

Mick Boggan is an experienced plumbing and heating engineer based in York. Recently, he was tasked with supplying a water storage solution for an exciting and unusual project – the renovation of a spectacular castle in Thirsk. The castle is now a family home and is based in a beautiful and unique setting.

The set-up required a 10,000 litre water holding tank. After researching the market and considering different solutions for the project, Mick chose to work with Atlantis Tanks Group and use their innovative range of PuraTANK products.

The Challenges

The water storage tank was required to be installed underground in order to minimise impact on the breathtaking location. It needed to store spring water, which would supply the full property and provide water for the family now living in the castle.

The Solution

PuraTANK’s range includes a 10,000 litre potable underground water storage tank. The tank is incredibly strong and durable, providing peace-of-mind for years to come for the family. That’s backed up with an industry-leading warranty.

The particular tank Mick and the family decided on benefits from one of the lowest profiles amongst tanks in this class. That means it requires a shallower dig depth than many other water storage tank solutions. Installation and labour costs are lower than tanks requiring a deeper dig depth. Disruption to the environment is kept to the minimum possible – an important consideration for the project.

PuraTANK also includes a full range of accessories, essential for getting the job finished to the highest standard. Due to high stock levels, Atlantis Tanks Group are also able to deliver quickly to site.