Price Match Guarantee

We’ll match the prices of tank which are the same spec (excluding delivery charges, installation charges or other services) and where we can check the price, stock position and where relevant your eligibility to purchase from the competitor.

We’ll match against any other UK retailer store or website price including offer-code discounts.
We do not match prices part of paid for membership/subscription or 3rd party marketplace seller prices.

We do not match exclusive discounts e.g. staff / student / NHS staff / Blue Light.

Our competitor’s product must be the same model number as ours.

Both us and the competitor must have the product in stock and ready for delivery.

Where a product is not available online and is in store only, you will need to send a photo showing the model\number, there is stock available, the date/time and the price.

We reserve the right to refuse a price match where we suspect fraud or unauthorised reseller activity.