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Steel Diesel Tanks

Storing your fuel correctly is important. Using a high-quality storage tank means that your fuel is less likely to be contaminated or damaged by extreme weather conditions. It’s also going to be ready to use whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Steel Diesel Tanks for Industry

Our StoraFuel tanks are used around the UK by plant hire, construction and agricultural businesses as well as many other large organisations that need to keep fuel on hand and store it correctly.

We keep a stock of steel diesel tanks in a range of sizes up to 20,000 litres and also make bespoke tanks up to 100,000 litres in capacity.


Fully compliant with industry regulations

Our fuel tanks are fully compliant with Environment Agency regulations. Larger, bespoke tanks are built in our workshop to BS799 standards. We also supply the pumping systems, safety systems and accessories for all these tanks.

Pumping Systems

Our premium pump range is made by world-renowned Piusi, an Italian company that makes the most reliable pumps in the industry. We also stock an economy pump range made by Hytek.

Gauge options

Our tanks come fitted with a Hydrostatic Unitel contents gauge as standard. If you need an electronic gauge, perhaps for connecting with your IT systems, we also offer the OLE gauge. The OLE gauge incorporates its own alarm.

Other Accessories

We don’t just sell tanks – we provide solutions! And our solutions include a full range of tank extras that make life that little bit easier. We stock:

  • 10m self retracting hose reels
  • Manway access hatches
  • Mesh floors- great for keeping your hose out of any spilled diesel
  • filtration systems, flow meters, alarms, fill point equipment… and much more.

Our Bespoke Service for Larger Capacity Tanks

We have a large range of diesel tanks in stock at all times. But, in response to our customers’ needs and feedback, we can also manufacture much bigger tanks to hold fuel and other chemicals. In fact, we can make bespoke tanks that hold up to 100,000 litres. If you’d like to talk to an Atlantis Tanks team member about a larger tank, give us a call on 0330 999 1100. We’re always happy to discuss your projects and help you choose the best diesel storage solution for your needs.

The Red Diesel Issue

Fuel is expensive. Even red diesel isn’t cheap and most of us are waving goodbye to that in spring 2022. Unless you’re in the agriculture, horticulture, fish farming or forestry business, you’ll have to use white diesel.

If you can’t use red diesel anymore, your costs will inevitably rise. But, rules are rules and there’s no use looking backwards. You need to move forward and find ways of minimising the impact on your business of these growing costs.

We haven’t found a way of getting the government to reduce the amount of tax it adds to white diesel… yet. But, we’ve got some good ideas about how you can protect your white diesel to prevent loss, theft and misuse – all of which add to your mounting fuel bills.

Stop Thief!

Diesel theft is a major problem for industries that rely on fuel to power vehicle fleets and plant machinery. The cost of diesel has risen dramatically in recent years, making it an increasingly attractive target to thieves.

In real terms, switching over to white diesel is going to make this problem even worse. The dye in red diesel means that it’s easily identifiable and, therefore, traceable. This goes some way to putting potential fuel thieves off the idea of nicking your valuable reserves. White diesel contains no such dye. If it’s stolen, it’s easy to sell on or use without detection and virtually impossible to trace.

So, what’s the answer? In a word – better tanks and improved fuel security

Our bunded steel diesel storage tanks provide optimum security for your fuel and make it much harder for thieves to steal diesel undetected.

Our StoraFuel bunded steel tanks are made from two layers of strong steel. Penetrating two steel skins is far more difficult, noisy and time-consuming than simply puncturing a single layer of plastic or steel to syphon or pump out the diesel. Potential thieves often give steel bunded tanks a miss and target a single-skin or plastic tank as these types of diesel tanks are so much easier and quicker to access and drain.

Teamed with CCTV, lockable lids and a tank alarm, a bunded steel tank offers you the best fuel security possible.

Our Tank Alarm options

We have a wide range of tank alarms to choose from, and typically we include a high level alarm as standard with our StoraFuel diesel tanks. Browse our full alarm range.

If you intend to store larger volumes of fuel or need a tank designed to fit an unusual space, we also offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. Take a look at our range of static steel diesel tanks.


Stop Wasting Diesel

Each year, UK industry loses millions of pounds due to inappropriate or inefficient diesel use. Monitoring how your diesel is used, by whom and for what is a complicated, time-heavy task – especially if you have a large number of employees, vehicles and multiple refuelling sites.

A simple, cost-effective and accurate solution is a fuel management system (FMS) like the Piusi B.SMART. An FMS teamed with your steel diesel storage tank is the best way to ensure that your fuel is being used correctly and efficiently. An FMS enables full control of access to pumps by employees, real-time reporting and monitoring of your fleet’s fuel use across multiple sites or dispensers. This makes spotting employee fuel theft or sites that need to improve easy. Read more about the B.SMART

The Take Away

Diesel is valuable so how you store it is vitally important. We have solutions to suit most needs and circumstances – and if we don’t stock the tank you want, we’ll be able to make it for you.

Theft and fuel waste cause more than financial losses. They can affect your company’s reputation, lose you both time and the trust of your customers. Sadly, red diesel is soon to be a thing of the past for many of us. But, moving into 2022 and beyond, we need to work together to find ways to keep your diesel safe and make sure it’s never wasted.

If you’d like to talk to an Atlantis Tanks team member about our steel diesel storage tanks, give us a call on 0330 999 1100

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