Agricultural Tanks

Farming demands the use of large machinery and vehicles. This means that a lot of fuel is used, which needs to be easily accessible as well as safely and securely contained.

We provide high-quality agricultural fuel storage tanks and accessories at competitive prices with one of the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Agricultural Fuel Storage Regulations

Regulations for storing large quantities of fuel on a commercial farm are different from those that govern the storage of fuel for domestic purposes. If your farm’s fuel storage tanks don’t meet regulations, you could incur a fine if there is a spill or leak. Wherever fuel oil is stored on your land, you’re responsible for taking precautions to prevent and contain any spillages. As well as ensuring that you’re using the correct tank, this may mean taking other steps, for example fitting an alarm to alert you of overfilling. Delivery drivers can also refuse to fill up a storage tank that they deem to be unsafe – this can be catastrophic for your productivity.

If you store more than 1,500 litres of fuel on your land for agricultural purposes, you must comply with these regulations.

Keeping Fuel Safe Means Staying Productive

As well as your responsibilities concerning safety, it’s important to consider the security of your fuel. Fuel theft is sadly on the increase, in part due to its rising cost. Installing secure bunded fuel storage tanks and using accessories like alarms and lockable lids helps to prevent fuel theft. Take a look at our range of tank accessories, including security devices, here.

Fuel may also be misused by employees. Teaming a fuel management system with a secure storage tank is the best way to eliminate fuel misuse or theft by employees. It also gives you access to data that helps you improve fuel usage efficiency across your business. Find out more about our fuel management systems here.

Buying Fuel in Bulk Saves Time and Money

In the majority of cases, purchasing and storing larger amounts of fuel is preferable to buying smaller amounts more frequently. Buying in bulk can reduce costs as supplies can be stocked up when prices are low. It also means that less time is needed on refilling tanks, which can sometimes mean downtime for machinery needing fuel.

Using a high-quality bunded fuel storage tank ensures that your fuel’s quality is maintained over longer periods of time. Fuel that is stored incorrectly can become contaminated, leaving it prone to diesel bugs which can render it useless and damage other machinery.

Bespoke Agricultural Fuel Storage Tanks

Our PortaFUEL and StoraFUEL standard range of tanks includes bunded plastic and steel fuel storage tanks that can store up to *** litres. If a larger tank is needed, we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. Our experienced team can design a fuel storage tank to suit your exact requirements, including tanks for large volumes of fuel or tanks with an unusual configuration or non-standard dimensions.

Being able to design a tank to fit your needs rather than fitting your needs around a standard tank is particularly useful for many agricultural business owners. Rural locations are often tricky for tankers to access and there may be various hazards to consider – livestock and waterways, for example. Such sites are rarely built for purpose – a bespoke tank can help make refuelling and refilling easier and safer for people, livestock and the environment. We can build and deliver a safe fuel tank designed to your exact specifications in order to reduce the risk of accidents, damage to the environment and harm to livestock.

Whatever You Need – We Can Help

To find out more about how we can help you find the best fuel storage solutions for your agricultural business, talk to a member of our experienced team. We’re always happy to talk through your options and help you decide on the best setup for your circumstances. Call Atlantis Tanks on 0330 999 1100.