Choosing the right oil tank for domestic heating

Selecting the right oil tank for your domestic installation is a crucial decision for your customer, which can impact the efficiency and safety of their home heating system.

If you’re offering advice and suggesting suitable options, you need an in depth knowledge of current oil storage solutions. Bunded plastic oil tanks have emerged as a popular and reliable choice in recent years.

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Let’s take a look at the key factors that make bunded plastic oil tanks one of the best solutions for domestic heating systems and why your customers might choose this option.

Why choose a bunded plastic oil tank?

Safe oil storage and reduced risk to the environment

Our bunded plastic oil tanks are manufactured with a double-walled structure: an inner tank enclosed within an outer protective layer. The outer layer is designed to contain leaks and spills, reducing the risk of losing valuable fuel and preventing environmental contamination.

Compliance with regulations

Meeting regulatory requirements is an important part of any oil tank installation. Our bunded plastic oil tanks are designed to comply with UK industry standards and regulations. We also back our tanks up with an industry-leading warranty for your customers’ peace of mind. As well as legal compliance, it’s worth considering that many insurance providers require the use of bunded tanks due to their enhanced fuel containment feature.

Durability and corrosion resistance

Our tanks are incredibly durable and designed to last for many years thanks to the use of high-quality polymer plastics and an innovative construction design. They’re also resistant to corrosion, unlike traditional steel tanks, which are susceptible to rust and degradation over time.  Bunded plastic tanks also require minimal maintenance to withstand the challenges of varying weather conditions. Your customer won’t ever need to repaint their plastic oil tank!

Various storage capacities

Bunded plastic oil tanks come in a range of sizes to suit the specific heating needs of the home. Whether there is limited outdoor space or there is enough room for a larger tank, our range of tanks can accommodate your customers’ requirements.

Easy installation and maintenance

Installing a bunded plastic oil tank is a straightforward process and they’re easier to site and manoeuvre than heavy steel tanks. Access points for inspections, fittings for gauges and secure lids also make future inspections and maintenance easy.

What to do now

Take a look at our range of bunded plastic oil tanks.

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Whether you’re looking for advice on the right tank size, compliance with regulations, our warranties, delivery times or the suitability of a plastic bunded oil tank for your installation, our experts are ready to help.