Do You Need a New Oil Tank

Sometimes it can difficult to judge exactly when you need a new oil tank. Do you invest now or just carry on using the old tank you have until there is a really obvious problem?

This is especially the case if you’ve moved into a new dwelling and taken on the existing tank. Without knowing the history of the tank, or even sometimes its age, it can be impossible to make a reliable assessment using a visual inspection alone.

The last thing you need is a tank failure. As well as causing your heating system to stop working, it has the potential to cause a catastrophic leak of oil into the environment. This is dangerous to humans, animals and plant life and can be extremely costly when it comes to cleaning up. If the Environment Agency becomes involved, the bills are likely to be huge!

What Causes Oil Tank Problems?

Tank problems can be caused by trapped moisture or sediment build up, which can mean decreased fuel efficiency and damage to lines and furnaces.

Older or faulty steel tanks can split due to the pressure caused by the oil inside them. This often occurs after a fill-up so can be incredibly expensive in terms of lost fuel. If you have a plastic tank, the harmful rays in sunlight can cause splits if the material they’re made from doesn’t contain the correct UV stabiliser.

Even if a complete tank failure is avoided, repairs are costly, heating downtime is inconvenient and decreased fuel efficiency means bigger household bills.

How Long Does an Oil Tank Last?

Oil tanks generally last around 15 – 20 years. But, this doesn’t mean that a younger tank can’t have problems. Different types of oil tanks have different life expectancies, so always check with the manufacturer of your OFTEC registered professional.

Inspection and Servicing

Many oil tank problems start from the inside and gradually make their way to the exterior of the tank. This means that it may be too late to rectify problems once the issue becomes visually evident and a new oil tank installation will be the only solution. Many homes have a tank installed against an exterior wall, this makes even a comprehensive visual inspection difficult with the untrained eye.

Regular inspection and servicing by an OFTEC registered professional can nip many faulty oil tank problems in the bud.

If you’ve moved into a new property, it’s important to have the tank inspected even if it appears to be in good condition.

Possible Signs that a New Oil Tank is Needed:

  • Dents and rust spots
  • Damp or wet patches, either on the walls or underside of the tank
  • Instability or uneven placement (check with a spirit level)
  • Evidence of oil leaks on the ground around or underneath the tank
  • Evidence of oil around gauges
  • Split or damaged rubber seals around the oil lines
  • Using oil faster than expected

The Benefits of Installing a New Oil Tank

If you’ve inherited an oil tank and aren’t sure of its history, a new oil tank will provide peace of mind. If you’re familiar with the tank, older tanks should be replaced to avoid future problems even if there are no current signs of any faults. This helps to prevent accidents and heating system downtime.

Even a newer oil tank can have significant problems that warrant a replacement. A full inspection is needed to assess any issues.

Installing a new oil tank means:

  • There is no build up of sediment or sludge than can damage oil lines and furnaces
  • There is much less chance of a tank failure caused by the deterioration of any internal problems
  • Protecting property and the environment from the danger posed by oil spills
  • Improved safety
  • More efficient use of heating oil, saving energy and reducing bills.

The Take Away

Professional annual servicing is vital to maintaining the efficiency, safety and fault-free operation of all oil tanks. Problems you might be unaware of can prove costly. It may be that these faults can be rectified but, if a new tank is needed, Atlantis Tanks has a full range of domestic and commercial oil tanks available to choose from and we deliver in industry-leading times.

We also offer bespoke oil tank design and production to cater for unique dimension or setup requirements.

Do you have a Faulty Oil Tank? Our Installers are Ready to Help…

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