Flash Flooding – The Facts and Our Solution

What is Flash Flooding?

Heavy rain causes floods that happen with lightning speed. This is because when water can’t drain adequately, it accumulates on land that is normally dry. Floods are the most common of all weather-related disasters and cause millions of pounds worth of damage, as well as endangering human and animal lives. Flash floods are also known as surface water flooding or pluvial flooding.

What Causes Flash Flooding?

Flash flooding occurs when the underlying ground cannot cope with heavy rainfall. In urban areas, this is a particular problem due to the replacement of the natural ground with surfaces such as roads and concrete. Rather than draining into the open soil, precipitation has no other route but the drain and sewage system which only has a limited capacity.

Flash floods aren’t just restricted to urban areas. They can occur in rural areas too. When this happens it’s called ‘ponding’. Two of the main causes of this are poorly managed agricultural land and the removal of large trees which ‘suck up’ an enormous amount of water from the ground.

It’s easy to see that flash flooding may affect your land and property, whether your location is inner city or out in the sticks.

The Danger of Flash Flooding

Flash flooding is more dangerous than flooding that accumulates over time because of the sheer speed in which it happens. There is often very little time for warnings to be issued and limited time to get people, animals and belongings to safety. This also means there is no time to protect property and land.

Flood Facts from Gov.uk

  • Around 2.4 million people live in immediate flood risk areas in England. A further 2.8 million UK properties are susceptible to surface water flooding.
  • Overall, one in six homes in England are at risk of flooding.
  • As many as 40% of businesses do not reopen after suffering from a flood.
  • You are statistically more likely to get flooded than burgled.
  • The UK spends around £4.4bn on flood defence.
  • Young people are more likely to be at risk of floods due to a lack of knowledge.

What you can do about it…

Of course, another reason flash flooding is an increasing problem all over the world is the increasing amount of rainfall. This is thought to be due to changes to the global climate. But heavy rainfall doesn’t always need to be a problem…

After a storm, there often comes a rainbow and here’s ours… Atlantis Tanks’ PuraTank range provides underground water storage tanks suitable for use in both domestic and commercial settings. This reduce the danger of flash flooding by providing a place for excess water to accumulate when it falls on roofs and land.

Rainwater harvesting not only reduces the risks posed by heavy rainfall, it provides a cost-effective solution to reducing your water bills and re-cycling the water to be used within your home, business and garden.

Harvested rainwater can be stored and used for irrigation and outdoor activities such as car washing, window washing and power-washing deckings and patios. It also has indoor uses, such as flushing toilets and washing clothes.

If you want the maximum benefit from your harvested water, PuraTank even have a potable water system. This enables rainwater to be stored and treated for use as drinking water.

Take a look at our complete rainwater harvesting systems or talk to one of the Atlantis team today to find out why heavy rainfall shouldn’t always be a disaster!