Fleet Fuel Management Made Easy

The Fleet Managers’ Challenge

Monitoring and controlling fuel usage often takes up a lot of a fleet manager’s time. As well as keeping track of fuel that’s taken by each driver, there’s visits to each site needed to compile reports – not to mention the problem of unauthorised use.

Atlantis Tanks’ Solution

That’s where the Piusi Cube B.SMART comes in. B.SMART is a cloud-based fuel management system, designed to make the whole job easier and save you time. A robust, reliable unit, the B.SMART is unlike similar products as there are no ongoing subscription or hosting fees.

What does the B.SMART do?

B.SMART provides real-time refuelling transaction reports and details of the driver, vehicle, amount of fuel taken and the dispenser as well as lots more essential information. It covers as many sites and dispensers as you need. Only authorised drivers can take fuel and access can be instantly controlled. The system provides a simple way to pre-set dispensing volumes or set dispensers to fill.

So, how does it work?

Each of your drivers uses a licenced mobile phone app (either iOS or Android) that communicates using Bluetooth and the existing network to send data to the cloud. As fleet manager, you have an easy-to-use web portal to provide the information and control access to individual dispensers across multiple sites. Using the system means there’s no more need to create multiple reports or visit each site to check usage.

Check out this video clip to see the B.SMART in action:

What about safety?

The Piusi Cube B.SMART has innovative design features that make dispensing fuel safe as well as simple. For example, drivers can use the app on their mobile phone up to 15m away from the pump. This means they can set up their dispensing from the vehicle, leave the phone in the cab and refuel.

The Piusi Cube B.SMART is available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your fleet and the number of drivers you have. Additional driver licenses are easily added to your system and a full range of accessories are available to complement the unit.

The B.SMART can be paired with any of our steel StoraFUEL tanks, take a look at our range: https://atlantistanks.co.uk/products/portafuel-storafuel/diesel-tanks/steel-static-diesel-tanks/

The Piusi cube B.SMART features at a glance:

  • Complete fuel dispenser
  • Ability to record vehicle mileage when filling
  • Online portal for monitoring real time fuel use
  • Single portal for multiple pumps on multiple sites
  • Ability to export reports into pdf or xlsx files
  • K600 flow meter
  • 4m x 1″ delivery hose
  • Records data e.g. driver, date, vehicle & QTY
  • Ability to pre-set dispensing volume or set to fill
  • No ongoing hosting fees to use the software
  • c/w 10 or 20 driver app licences (more on request)
  • 56lpm, 70lpm or 90lpm (model dependent)
  • Automatic nozzle and nozzle holster
  • 12v, 24v and 230v options

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