Freerain Acquisition

We are excited to announce that as of 1st April 2019 Atlantis tanks acquired Freerain, a leading manufacturer of water storage tanks!

What is Freerain?

Freerain are best known as a manufacturer of water storage tanks for domestic, light commercial and large family dwellings. The company will now join with Atlantis and form the bedrock of our PuraTank sub brand.

What did we acquire?

Through this acquisition we now own: the Freerain website, customer data, supplier information for all the accessory parts, their design of systems used for pumping the water into the house, as well as all of their Water Tank moulds, including moulds for 8 underground tanks with capacities from 1800 litres – 10,000 litres and 3 above ground tank moulds with capacities from 1400 litres – 5000 litres.

Why did we purchase Freerain?

We are a family business with a vision to succeed and become one of the biggest and best storage tank suppliers in the UK and this new acquisition is an important step on the ladder for us. The new products we can offer coupled with Atlantis’ reputation for providing legendary customer service will put our PuraTank range in an amazing position to provide clients with a tank to suit any needs and a service which gets it to them quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


What improvements will we make?

After getting a closer look at the moulds and manufacturing process, we have already spotted numerous areas which can be improved. As a result, the quality and efficiency of production for our water tanks will exceed that previously offered. We have implemented a better moulding process, greater quality control, and can offer a much more comprehensive and personal customer service experience.

What is the effect on existing customers?

Existing customers of both Atlantis and Freerain can now benefit from a much broader choice of tanks, not only encompassing water storage, but oil storage, portable tanks, stationary fuel tanks and much more, all under the Atlantis roof with the Atlantis legendary service and personal, caring staff.

Moving Forward…

We acquired Freerain because it will help strengthen our PuraTank range and Atlantis as a whole, allowing us to better service the needs of our various customers, to form relationships with new customers, and progress into the future.

Here is a video of one of our water tanks being installed at a castle in Thirsk

Freerain Website:

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