Helping Keep a Warm Heart Cosy

Our EasyTank installers care about their customers and often go the extra mile for them. As a family-run business, we love to hear their stories and we step in to offer help if we can.

During the height of the lockdown, 81-year-old Newbury resident, Kathleen Watson walked 2 miles every day to wave at passers-by on the main road and cheer them up. Kathleen’s efforts were certainly appreciated. When the story went viral, many Newbury locals commented on social media:

“Thanks Kathleen for lifting our spirits when we all needed it. You certainly keep me smiling.”

“Thank you for making my children & I smile! What a lovely lady!”

“Kathleen makes me cry with happiness very often as I head into work at a local secure mental health hospital. It’s been difficult during these times and it’s been so lovely having her wonderful smiles to pick us up in these times!”

“I wave to you every Friday and have done for many weeks! Kathleen you make my Friday better with your wonderful smile! Thank you so much.”

“This lady is amazing!! All through lockdown she waves and smiles. I beep like crazy now every time I see her. She has made me smile every day I drive past.”

Read more comments on this Facebook post by ITV News Meridian:

So, where does our EasyTank installer come into all this?

Unfortunately, Kathleen’s oil tank started to leak. Kathleen needed a new one and didn’t have the available finances for the purchase.

To help Kathleen get her new oil tank, our installer started a crowdfunding campaign and got the local newspapers involved. Atlantis Tanks were pleased to lend a hand and help get her new tank sorted.

We’ll update you on Kathleen’s story when she’s up and running with her new tank..

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