Join the rainwater revolution: PuraTANK rainwater harvesting systems

In a world where sustainability and responsible resource management are becoming more and more important, rainwater harvesting makes sense for many reasons. Our PuraTANK complete rainwater harvesting systems offer unmatched performance and affordability for both domestic and commercial users. Let’s take a look at the benefits of rainwater harvesting with a PuraTANK system. We’ll also share our handy rainwater harvesting tank capacity calculator, which you can use to help you identify what sort of tank is right for your premises.

The rainwater harvesting advantage

Environmental sustainability

Rainwater harvesting significantly reduces your demand on mains water, helping to conserve valuable resources. By collecting rainwater, you alleviate stress on wells, rivers and reservoirs, which helps to preserve natural ecosystems.

Cost savings

Implementing a rainwater harvesting system can lead to substantial cost savings over time. By utilising rainwater for non-potable needs, such as garden irrigation, toilet flushing and laundry, you can lower your water bills.

Mitigating flood risks

Harvesting rainwater helps to manage stormwater runoff, which can cause flash flooding and erosion. By capturing rain in tanks, the excess water doesn’t reach struggling drains. This alleviates the strain on sewage systems and minimises the risk of flooding due to drain system overload and failure.

Drought resilience

When rainfall is scarce in the warmer months, having a rainwater harvesting system is a game-changer – you won’t ever need to worry about a hosepipe ban again! Stored rainwater is available to water gardens, wash cars and clean windows, drives and patios during dry periods.

PuraTANK rainwater harvesting systems We’ve long understood the importance of rainwater harvesting and the need for affordable, reliable equipment to facilitate the process. That’s why we supply PuraTANK rainwater harvesting systems for both domestic and commercial usage.

What we love about PuraTANK rainwater harvesting systems:

  • Robust design: PuraTank rainwater harvesting systems are built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This means that your system will continue to be a reliable and efficient rainwater harvesting solution for years to come. This is backed up by an industry-leading guarantee on all PuraTANK equipment.
  • Capacity range: PuraTANK systems come in a range of capacities, so you’re guaranteed to find equipment ideal for your needs and property. From smaller domestic tank setups to larger commercial solutions, there’s a PuraTANK system that’s right for the job.
  • Efficient filtration: PuraTANK systems incorporate efficient filtration to ensure that the collected rainwater is kept fresh and uncotaminated. This makes it suitable for a wide range of non-potable uses.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We supply equipment that offers our customers affordability without compromising on quality. PuraTANK rainwater harvesting systems are competitively priced, making sustainable water management accessible to everyone.

Explore your rainwater harvesting potential

Are you ready to take the plunge into rainwater harvesting? Browse our full range of PuraTANK equipment here. Determining the right tank capacity for your specific needs is one of the first steps to take.

Calculate your rainfall, water requirements and ideal tank capacity using our app

To calculate the right capacity for your tank, we invite you to use our Rainwater Harvesting Calculator. This intuitive tool will guide you through a series of questions, considering factors like your location, roof area and intended water usage. At the conclusion, the app will recommend the ideal PuraTANK rainwater harvesting system for your needs.

Do you need our help?

We’re proud of our reputation for providing exceptional customer service. The team is available to offer guidance, answer queries and assist you with choosing the right PuraTANK rainwater harvesting system based on your individual needs and preferences.

By embracing this eco-friendly solution, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future. For further information on PuraTANK systems, speak to Atlantis Tanks and start your journey towards a greener tomorrow.