No space for an oil tank? A slimline tank could be right for you

The previous challenges of siting a large oil tank

For many years, storing fuel oil at a domestic or commercial premises meant installing a sizeable tank in a location that also complied with OFTEC regulations concerning oil tank placement. These regulations are still in place and differ between commercial and domestic applications.

Large tanks need large spaces, the addition of access problems and safety requirements meant that potential installation sites were very limited. For many home and business owners without plenty of available land, this meant that using oil for fuel wasn’t an option.

We love oil tanks at Atlantis Tanks, but we’re the first to admit that they’re not always the most attractive things to add to a well-tended garden or an area that’s clearly visible. The issue of aesthetic placement adds a further challenge to the pot.

Slimline tanks: a solution to the problem

We can now supply slimline tanks, designed to fit in the smallest places and keep visual issues to a minimum thanks to attractive design features.

If you’re looking to streamline your oil storage system and embrace a future-ready solution, read on to discover the benefits of installing a slimline oil tank from Atlantis Tanks.

The benefits of our slimline oil storage tanks

Save space

One of the most significant advantages of our slimline oil tanks is their space-saving design. These tanks are crafted to fit seamlessly into tight spaces, making them the perfect option for modern homes and commercial properties where space is at a premium. This means that you can free up land for other purposes, keeping your oil tank tucked away.

Overcome access issues

Slimline oil tanks are designed with awkward installations and unusual locations in mind. A slimline oil tank opens up more installation options, such as using smaller sites that are tricky to access.

Enjoy eco-friendly design

Atlantis Tanks takes environmental issues very seriously. Our tanks are designed to minimise oil spills and eliminate potential pollution events.

Save time and money with easy installation and maintenance

Installing a slimline oil tank is straightforward and usually quicker than installing a large tank. That’s because they’re easier to manoeuvre into place, making use of narrow access points, than larger tanks. Our slimline tanks are also engineered for minimal maintenance, allowing you to save on future upkeep.

Get a tank that lasts

Investing in a quality oil tank ensures peace of mind and long-term cost savings. Atlantis Tanks’ slimline oil tanks are crafted from robust materials, built to withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions. Minimal corrosion ensures that your oil remains uncontaminated, safeguarding both your investment and your fuel quality for years to come.

Don’t compromise on looks

Your property’s aesthetics matter! Our slimline oil tanks provide an oil storage solution that integrates seamlessly into your property’s design.

Boost efficiency

Modern oil tanks are not just about storage; they’re about efficiency. Atlantis Tanks’ slimline oil tanks are engineered with advanced features that ensure safe and problem-free storage. This translates to lower operational costs, increased energy efficiency and a reduced environmental impact.

Get a market-leading warranty for your peace of mind

The slimline tanks in our range comply with all the relevant OFTEC requirements and Oil Pollution Prevention Guidelines (England and Wales) 2002 PPG2. They are also CE-approved and carry the CE number on the body of the tank.

You’ll receive a warranty manual with your tank explaining how to register and the details of your cover.

Take a look at our slimline tanks

We have a large selection of moulded plastic slimline oil tanks in 650 litre to 1750 litre sizes for both domestic and commercial use.

Browse our slimline oil tanks

The range includes both single-skin and bunded tanks. When deciding which option is right for you, make sure that you’re complying with OFTEC regulations. Our 650 Litre Slimline Bunded Plastic Oil Tank (BUP.R-1250S) is the smallest in width, height and length on the market.

Take a look at this tank

What to do now

If you’d like to talk to our team about installing a slimline oil tank, give us a call on 0330 999 1100 or email [email protected]. Our friendly team is always happy to offer impartial advice and help you make the right decisions.