Oil Storage Tanks – What Tank is Right for You?

There are many different sizes and designs of tank available. Plastic, steel, bunded, single skin, underground and many more. The type of tank you choose should take into consideration your unique requirements. If in doubt, always consult an OFTEC registered technician, who will help you choose the tank best suited to your needs.

There are specific regulations that must be followed when choosing a tank. For example:

  • Under Building Regulations, any tank with a capacity of over 2500 litres must have a secondary containment unit (bund).
  • Tanks that have a lower capacity than 2500 litres may also need to be bunded, depending on the individual site pollution risks. You may need to get an OFTEC registered technician to do a site risk assessment if you live in a high risk area, such as near any water sources.

Plastic Oil Tanks

Oil should never be stored in a translucent plastic container due to the detrimental effects of ultraviolet light on both the plastic and the contained fuel. Plastic oil tanks are manufactured using coloured Polyethylene and are moulded using a rotational moulding process.

Steel Oil Tanks

Most domestic steel oil storage tanks are rectangular in shape with a tented top. They are constructed with mild steel and contain internal bracing.  The thickness of the steel used varies according to tank size.

Single Skinned Oil Tanks

A single skin oil storage tank is fabricated from one layer of steel or plastic and should only be considered for installation where it can be proven that there is no risk of environmental damage in the event of an oil spillage.

Bunded Oil Tanks

A bunded tank has a secondary containment (bund) either inside the tank itself or around the tank. This bund must hold at least 110% of the capacity of the tank to comply with regulations. Many areas require a tank to be bunded to reduce the risk of oil escaping into the environment.

The team at Atlantis Tanks Group have many years of experience in supplying installers and merchants with domestic oil tanks. We find that 1000-1500 litre bunded plastic oil tanks are the most popular among domestic households, but the size of the tank depends on your individual fuel requirement.

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