Our changing climate means changing how we deal with the rain

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the last few years, you won’t have missed the predictions of substantial climate change that will affect us all.

The Environment Agency has published findings that predict far heavier rainfall in winter months and far less in the summer for the UK.

Although a hot, dry summer sounds appealing, it doesn’t come without problems.

The consequences of the changing weather patterns mean that the winter rainfall is likely to be more that in tropical regions. Short, heavy downpours spell out an increased risk of dangerous flash flooding.

In many parts of the UK, flood protection measures involve carrying surface water along waterways and out to sea as quickly as possible. This means that none of that water is stored and recycled into our water supply system. The increasing growth in population and our growing need for water will put huge pressure on water supplies during the drier months. This will likely leave many areas under drought restrictions and the agricultural industry with irrigation problems.

If more of us start collecting and storing rainwater, we can help relieve the pressure on water supplies as well as making savings on our water bills.

Rainwater harvesting technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Complete rainwater harvesting systems are now relatively inexpensive, efficient and easy to install. Water can be used for garden irrigation, household applications and even drinking water with the use of a potable water storage tank.

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