Our plans for the year ahead

With January now behind us, 2024 is shaping up to be one of our busiest ever years at Atlantis Tanks. Using the feedback from our customers we gathered in 2023, we’ve already launched new products and the next 12 months will see our range extend even more.

Let’s take a look at the new products that are now available on the website:

Steel tank stands

Building a block pier to raise an oil tank is time-consuming and often involves having to get a third party involved in an installation, which can be complicated.

Our new 600 mm high steel tank stands are designed to raise and support our standard range of tanks and are quick and easy to site and install. They provide both you and your customer with the peace of mind that the tank is supported exactly how it should be by a robust steel structure that’s built for the job.

Take a look at our range of steel tank stands

New PolliCubes

Our PolliCube range is a firm favourite with construction and agricultural customers. The PolliCube’s lightweight construction and innovative features means that it can be transported on a flat-bed trailer or other utility vehicle. This means that, however tricky the location, it’s easy to get diesel exactly where it needs to be to fuel-up plant and machinery to avoid costly downtime.

For 2024, we’re expanding the PolliCube range to include the Dual PolliCube and the PolliCube Plus.

The Dual PolliCube can transport a 400 litres and the PolliCube Plus has an even bigger capacity of 440 litres. Both tanks have complete ADR exemption, as described in section of the ADR standard, which means that they are suitable for the transportation of diesel on UK highways.

Take a look at our full PolliCube range

4500 litre steel bunded diesel tanks

Another new addition is a higher capacity PortaTank, which is designed for the safe and problem-free transportation of diesel and other fuel oils, including AdBlue™.

Our PortaFuel tanks feature an innovative design and are manufactured to the highest standards. Their robust construction is backed up by our industry-leading guarantee.

Take a look at the new 4500 litre steel bunded PortaTank

Washdown Seperators

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a whole new range to the comprehensive Atlantis Tanks catalogue of tanks and tank accessories.
Washdown separators are used to remove dirty water from a car wash or other vehicle cleaning area, such as a pressure wash. They’re also necessary on sites used for cleaning other machinery, such as sports ground maintenance equipment.

Sediment, like silt, hydrocarbons, dirt and road grime, settle at the tank’s bottom beneath an outlet pipe as the washdown separator accumulates contaminated water. Once the water level reaches the outlet pipe, it flows from the unit and out to the drain, leaving all the sediment at the bottom of the tank and stopping contaminants from entering the drainage system.

Our washdown seperators are made in the UK from high-strength polyethylene and are available in a range of sizes to suit any application. A shallow dig depth makes them easy and cost-effective to install and maintain.

Take a look at our new washdown seperators

We’ve moved!

We’ve also had a move… Due to our continual expansion, we decided to merge the Thetford offices and Ely factory into one combined location at Mildenhall. The move will streamline production and be a great boost to the team. This will enable us to keep improving the service we offer you.

2024 exhibitions

The exhibitions we attended in 2023 were a huge success, both in terms of securing business and finding out what the new market trends were in the industry. They also provided a great opportunity for us to chat with customers to find out what solutions they were looking for and help them overcome their fuel storage challenges.

On the back of last year’s success, 2024 will see us attend more exhibitions, so keep in touch on our social media channels to find out where we’ll be exhibiting and how you can attend.

  • Executive Hire Show –14th -15th February
  • Cereals – 11th-12th June
  • Hillhead – 25th-27th June

That’s it for now. We hope the beginning of 2024 has been good for you so far. Let’s work together to make 2024 our busiest yet.