Rainwater Harvesting System Funding Available Now

Our Precious Water

The farming industry is probably better placed than many others to understand the importance of conserving resources, such as water. Working with crops or livestock also makes the problems that flash floods and polluted waterways cause all too obvious.

Water and irrigation form the backbone of many farming tasks and maintaining an adequate supply can be problematic, not to mention expensive.

Save Money and Protect Your Land

That’s why many savvy farm managers have been turning to rainwater harvesting systems to collect water for use on their land, both for irrigation and livestock. This creates savings on mains water use and also tackles the problem of flooding and the damaging pollution it can cause. Looking at the bigger picture, using rainwater as opposed to mains – which is energy-heavy to process and pipe to users – is a great way to help protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.

So, What’s the Government Offering?

If you haven’t already installed a system to harvest valuable rainwater, the good news is there are government funding grant schemes still available to fund a new system and this round of the scheme is now open for applications. Small to medium-sized businesses may be eligible for grants of up to 50% of capital costs with grants being made of between £2,500 and £35,000.

The Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme is currently offering £10 million in total to help farming, agricultural, horticultural and forestry businesses fund the purchase and installation of these innovative systems. It’s funded by the EU and UK governments and operates within the Rural Development Programme for England.

Is the Grant Just for Rainwater Harvesting Systems?

As well as offering money towards the purchase and installation of equipment for rainwater harvesting, grants are also available to part-fund capital items such as heat recovery systems, devices to ensure energy efficiency in livestock housing and milk parlours, shallow-injection systems for slurry tankers, EID readers, mobile livestock handling systems, badger proof feed troughs, soil mapping software and specialist GPS equipment for precision groundworks.

Act Now!

Businesses have until either the 7th or 12th of January 2022 to apply, depending on what type of funding they’re requesting – so you’ll have to be quick. Check out this link to find out more and to apply for your grant: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/farming-investment-fund

For specific information about using the grant for installing a rainwater harvesting system, including the amount of funding you can apply for, eligibility and requirements, visit this site: https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants/rainwater-goods-rp16

Talk to an Expert

Don’t forget, you only have until January to apply for the grant schemes available to fund rainwater harvesting equipment so you need to act now to benefit. If you’d like to talk to a rainwater harvesting expert from Atlantis Tanks, give us a call on 0330 999 1100