There’s Never Been a Better Time to Invest in a Fuel Management System

Introducing the B.SMART Fuel Management System – A Complete, Customisable Solution

Fuel prices are through the roof. And, with the withdrawal of the tax subsidy on red diesel that’s going to affect many industries from April 1st 2022, controlling your stock and optimising fuel efficiency has never been more important for UK businesses.

Losing money on fuel can be a financial headache. If you have fuel losses that are unaccounted for – you have a problem. Inefficient use, errors in recording fuel consumption and theft are the three biggest causes of fuel loss that you can’t account for.

And if that’s not enough, the consequences of poor fuel usage or loss could mean more than money down the drain. Running out of fuel for plant or fleet vehicles causes expensive downtime for your business, not to mention the potential for damaging your reputation with current and future customers.

Controlling and maximising the efficiency of fuel used by your employees is time-consuming. The B.SMART Fuel Management System provides a solution that’s cost-effective, time-saving and scalable. Interested in finding out more? Read on…

The B.SMART Solution

After researching the fuel management systems available on the market today, we’re now pleased to offer our customers the Piusi Cube B.SMART, which we consider to be the best out there.

The B.SMART is a cloud-based fuel management system, designed to make monitoring and controlling fuel use quick and easy. It eliminates inevitable human errors and saves hours of work. This frees up your time to focus on what you do best while the B.SMART looks after your fuel.

What the B.SMART Can Do for Your Business

  • The B.SMART can be retrofitted to existing fuel pumping systems
  • Enjoy instant access to data on individual drivers and vehicle usage
  • Optional recording of vehicle mileage on each filling session
  • Pre-set dispensing volumes or set to fill up, pump-by-pump across multiple sites
  • Control using a simple online portal and monitor real-time fuel use
  • Pay no ongoing hosting fees to use the industry-leading software
  • Comes with 10 driver app licenses, upscale when necessary to meet the growing needs of your business
  • Export reports into .pdf or .xlsx files
  • Use for diesel, gasoil or AdBlue®
  • Plenty of options and accessories to customise the system to suit your exact needs.

The B.SMART makes fuel management easy – helping you cut the costs of waste and fuel theft.

Talk to us today to find out more or take a look at the B.SMART Fuel Management System on our website.