TLC for your Oil Tank this Summer

The year is marching on and, after a rocky start, temperatures are starting to climb. It’s an exciting time of year. The evenings are longer, the garden is blooming and holidays (perhaps staycations) are just around the corner. Somewhere along the line, the heating will be switched off and the cold of winter will only be a distant memory.

But, it’s important to remember that winter will inevitably return. And with it, the cold mornings and dark nights. Luckily, you have oil fired central heating to keep you warm through the darker months. That’s why it’s a good idea to take steps to make sure your oil heating system is in tip-top condition while it’s still warm outside. While you’re planning some enjoyable downtime in the summer to rest and recoup, don’t forget to give your oil tank a little summer TLC too!

Here’s a checklist of 3 simple tasks to complete during the spring and summer:


1. Make sure your tank is full

Although stocking up with oil in the summer might not sound like it makes much sense, it’s essential. If you leave your tank only part-full in hot weather, the gap between the fuel and the tank skin will form condensation. This can corrode the inside of your tank and significantly decrease its lifespan.

Condensation build-up also causes bacteria to grow on the surface of the water. This can contaminate fuel and cause sediment to collect in the bottom of your tank. In time this can lead to a system breakdown.

Finally, there’s a financial incentive to fill up your oil tank during the summer. Fuel oil prices fluctuate. These changes are, in part, driven by demand. It makes sense that less oil is used during the warmer months, so you can expect there to be favourable changes in the price!


2. Carry out a full tank inspection

Your oil heating system performance is reliant on your oil tank being in good condition. The warmer months are ideal to carry out a full check. Visually inspect your tank for damage, check seals and caps and look for signs of leakage. You should also carry out necessary oil tank exterior painting to protect your tank from rust. Atlantis Oil Tank maintenance kits contain everything you’ll need for this kind of job: Tank Maintenance kits here.

If you suspect any problems, get an OFTEC registered professional in to carry out the necessary repairs. This means you’ll have peace of mind that your system is operating effectively and safely when it’s needed in the winter. There can also be a longer wait to get an appointment with an OFTEC installer when the seasons change and more people fire up their heating and realise they have a problem! If possible, ask your installer to carry out a full service to pick up any problems you may have missed.


3. Do a security assessment

If you haven’t already, make sure you assess the security of your oil tank this summer. Oil is expensive and oil theft is sadly on the increase.

Consider installing CCTV, tank locks, alarms and siting security lights.


The Takeaway

Devoting a little time to looking after your oil tank during the spring and summer can avoid big problems in the winter. It’s also far more pleasant to carry out tank checks and maintenance on a sunny day than it is in cold weather!

Head off any problems now by getting ahead of the game. Your oil tank works hard for you once the winter sets in. Taking a little time out from your summer plans ensures your tank is around to keep you warm for many winters to come.