Wasting Rainwater – Like letting money run through your hands…

Water is possibly the most valuable resource used by the agricultural industry. Whether you’re farming crops or livestock, ensuring an adequate supply is vital. However, many farms find getting enough water to where it’s needed problematic, not to mention expensive. They say that money doesn’t fall from the sky, but water does… and that could mean big savings for you.

Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting

Relying on mains water in commercial applications is no longer an environmentally or financially sustainable option. More and more savvy farm managers are installing rainwater harvesting systems to collect water to irrigate crops and livestock. This saves money on mains water use and also tackles the problem of damage and pollution caused by flash floods. A full rainwater harvesting system can give you return on investment within 2 – 5 years, depending on the surface area of your roof and volume of rainfall.

Rainwater harvesting enables the collection of ‘free’ water. With new and improved technologies in filtration, pumping and storage, the systems are easy to use and maintain.

There are broader environmental considerations too – mains water requires energy-heavy processes to treat and pipe it to users. Using the rainwater that has fallen on your land helps to protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Full rainwater harvesting systems are now relatively inexpensive, efficient and easy to install. The collected non-potable water can be used for irrigation, washing and livestock. Water can also be treated in a potable storage tank to make it suitable for drinking water. With the cost of essential resources on the rise – can you afford to let valuable water just fall onto the ground and run away?

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PuraTank Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

Our above ground water storage tanks are cheap and easy to site and install. Designed and manufactured by British experts in the UK, PuraTank provides you with unbeatable, functionality, performance and value for money.

Atlantis Tanks’ PuraTank standard range includes tanks from 50-litres to 30,000-litres to store either potable (drinkable) or non-potable water. Our tanks are made from strengthened, UV stabilised polymer, so they’re durable in any weather, impact-resistant and robust. The innovative design, teamed with an industry-leading warranty, delivers a water storage solution that will last for decades.

We’re proud of our ‘Made in Britain’ stamp and manufacture our tanks to the highest quality UK standards. Every tank that we make is a tank that can not only do the job, but do the job well!

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Other Liquid Storage Applications

If you’re already harvesting rainwater and need more storage, an additional storage tank provides a solution. Our above ground water tanks can be used for any water storage application. The larger sizes enable you to store a huge volume of water and are perfect for agricultural use.

Water tanks can also be used to safely store some pesticides and other chemicals – do check the chemical/material data sheets to confirm compliance. If you’re not sure, give our team a call and we’ll help you choose the right tank for your needs.

Technical Support and Ongoing Customer Service

Atlantis Tanks is known for offering the best technical support in the business. We’re on hand to discuss your projects, give you the best technical advice and answer any questions you have – now and into the future.