What Regulations Apply to the Transportation of Diesel?

Diesel Transportation Regulations

Moving fuel around safely and without breaching regulations is essential. But the legislation can be a little confusing at times as different rules apply to different tank capacities.

The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipments Regulations 2009 (CDG 2009) regulate the transport of diesel, kerosene and petrol on UK roads.

These regulations form part of an international agreement that concerns the carriage of dangerous goods by road. The agreement is known as the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Northern Ireland has separate and slightly different regulations.

Here’s a summary of the relevant regulations for quick reference:

  • If you’re acting in the course of your main business, you may use your own equipment to transport up for 450 litres of diesel for refuelling on a single site without ADR approval, this is known as the ‘small load exemption’. Tanks that are used in this way and fall into this category are ‘approved for immediate consumption’ according to ADR 1.1.31c (this is also known as the ‘Craftsmans’ exemption’). Our Pollicube and DieselTrolli tanks ideal for transporting less than 450 litres of diesel. Take a look at them on our website.
  • Full ADR type approval or UN approval is required for multi-site refuelling and for volumes of more that 450 litres.
  • For transporting quantities of 1000 litres or above, a full ADR license must be obtained. Drivers must be licensed and vehicles used for transport must pass the ADR road vehicle certification test. Apply for the vehicle test here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/application-for-adr-road-vehicle-certification-adr-iii

With a view to avoiding the necessity to obtain costly and time-consuming full ADR licensing, many organisations choose to transport fuel in tanks with a capacity of less than 1000 litres.

That’s one of the reasons why our 900 litre capacity transportable diesel tank is such a popular choice with our customers. The tank is UN and ADR approved, have a look at it now on our website.