Who are OFTEC?

As a home or business owner, when you’re installing a new heating oil tank, or having maintenance carried out on an existing one, you’re likely to hear the word OFTEC. But, who are OFTEC and what is their job?

OFTEC – The History

OFTEC stands for Oil Firing Technical Association. It designates and recognises installers who are approved to install and maintain solid fuel, oil and renewable energy heating equipment.

OFTEC launched in 1991 as a trade association with the objective of improving heating industry standards in the UK and Ireland. It developed and assessed training courses delivered by approved training providers. In 2002, it became an accredited competent person registration scheme.

OFTEC Installer Registration

For an installer to be registered with OFTEC, they have to take a training course approved by OFTEC and pass a final assessment. They’re also required to be reassessed on a regular basis to make sure their work is still up to the stipulated industry standards.

Why Use an OFTEC Installer?

In England and Wales, when an installer is OFTEC registered, they’re able to self-certify that their work meets relevant Building Regulations. They can carry out some work without a building control notice, depending on the size and position of the oil tank. In Scotland, you may need to apply for a warrant, so check with the appropriate authority when planning any work in this area of the UK.

When your work is completed by an OFTEC registered installer, you receive a certificate that confirms the work is completed to specified industry standards.

Using an Installer who isn’t Registered with OFTEC

If work is completed by someone who is not registered with a competent person scheme, such as OFTEC, you need to obtain a Building Control Notice. This also means paying for an inspection. Your inspection can be costly and time-consuming, causing a delay for your project and unnecessary expense.

How to Find an OFTEC Installer

Just ask Atlantis Tanks! We have a network of OFTEC registered installers throughout the country who we can put you in touch with.