Why You Should Buy a Bunded Oil Tank

There are many different types of oil tanks on the market, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and capacities. One of the most important decisions you must make before you shop for your tank is whether to install a single skin or bunded oil tank.

We think that a bunded tank is the best option in most cases. Here are some reasons why:

Compliance with Regulations

For commercial installations where the tank has a capacity of 200 litres or more, a bunded tank is mandatory.

Domestic Installations

Regulations applying to domestic installations can vary between regions and are subject to change frequently, so it’s important to know whether you even have the option of using a single skinned tank.

The installation of an oil tank is classed as notifiable work by Building Regulations. This means that it must be installed to the correct standards. An OFTEC registered oil tank installer can self-certify their own installation. If you decide to do your own installation, it’s your responsibility to ensure the tank you install is legal.

There is always a good chance of regulations being updated and tightened. You could find yourself having to replace a newly installed single-skinned tank when the law changes. To avoid falling foul of the regulations and futureproof against changes, installing a bunded tank is usually your best option.

What are the Regulations?

In general, you need to install a bunded oil tank in the following circumstances:

  • You are storing over 2500 litres of oil
  • Your tank is sited near to an open drain or a loosely fitting manhole
  • Your tank is within 10m of a controlled waterway, such as a river or stream
  • Your tank is sited where any spilled liquid could travel over ground to reach a controlled waterway
  • Your tank is sited within 50m of a well, borehole or natural spring
  • Your tank vent is not visible from the fill point
  • You use oil for a building other than a single family dwelling
  • There are any other hazards unique to your site

If you’re in any doubt about compliance, contact an OFTEC registered installer for advice.

Protecting the Environment

Looking after our planet and preventing damage to the environment is crucial. Leakages of oil and other hazardous substances can easily enter natural waterways where plant and animal life pays a huge and devastating toll. Pollution that enters waterways can also find its way into supplies for arable land and even reservoirs where our own drinking water is processed.

A bunded oil tank is far less likely to leak. Any damage or corrosion would have to affect the two layers of the tank before any fluid could escape. Regular inspection and maintenance mean that this is highly unlikely to occur. In the event of a leak from the interior into the bund, the second layer will buy you valuable time to sort out the problem and retrieve the oil before it escapes and causes damage to the environment.

If the worst happens and oil from your tank does damage to the environment, expect a big bill for the cost of cleaning up the problem.

Stopping Fuel Theft

Sadly, the theft of valuable fuel oil is on the increase. Many thefts from single-skinned tanks involve the skin being penetrated and the liquid simply siphoned off.

A bunded tank offers an extra layer of protection against theft or tampering. It’s more complicated to penetrate a bunded tank and the extra work slows thieves down who will often want to steal your fuel and get away as quickly as possible. Thieves are far more likely to target oil stored in a single-skinned tank for this reason.

Reduce the Cost of Waste from Leaks

As well as being damaging to the environment, oil leakages cause damage to your bank account! If your home or business stores oil, leaks and spills can be costly. A bunded oil tank contains any leakage inside the bund. This means it can be safely removed and returned to storage, providing it has not been contaminated.

Buy More Oil to Save Money

The fuel oil market is notoriously volatile. Prices can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year. It makes sense to buy your oil in bulk when the price is at its lowest. Any tank with a capacity of 2500 litres or more must be bunded by law. Use a bunded tank with a higher capacity to store larger volumes of oil and save money.

Even if you don’t legally need to install a bunded oil tank, we think these are some really good reasons why doing so is a good idea. If you have any questions we haven’t covered, please give us a call. If you’re ready to buy your new oil tank, take a look at our range: https://atlantistanks.co.uk/products/easytank/oil-tanks/