Slimline Oil Tanks

Why Buy a Slimline Oil Tank?

Siting your oil tank isn’t always straightforward. As well as making sure that you adhere to all the relevant legislation set by OFTEC, you’ll want your tank to be more or less hidden, or at least out the way. As much as we love oil tanks, they’re not going to win any beauty contests. Add to this that many tanks are available in only standard sizes and locating your new tank might become a more daunting task than you first thought.

Large oil tanks can also take up a lot of space. Slimline tanks are often preferred when space is at a premium. Another issue with a larger tank is getting it to your site if access ways are narrow. Trying to manoeuvre a big tank along a narrow or tree-lined path, or tight alleyway is frequently impossible and never a happy memory for those involved in the task!

Slimline oil tanks are designed with awkward installations and tricky locations in mind. Selecting a slimline oil tank opens up more installation options and enables you to preserve the external view of your home and garden.

Our Slimline Oil Tanks

We pride ourselves on stocking a massive range of tanks so that finding a tank that’s the perfect size, shape and capacity for your site doesn’t become a headache. We have a large selection of moulded plastic slimline oil tanks in 650 litre to 1750 litre sizes for both domestic and commercial use. Browse our slimline oil tanks.

Our range includes both single-skin and bunded tanks to choose from. When you’re making this decision, make sure that you’re complying with OFTEC regulations. These regulations are quite complex and differ between commercial and domestic applications. Take a look at this blog to learn more.

Our 1250 litre slimline plastic oil tank (BUP.R1250S) is the smallest in width, height and length on the current market. That makes it a great option if saving space is a priority for you. Take a look at this tank.

Oil Tank Base Requirements

Plastic oil tank base requirements are different from those pertaining to steel tanks. This blog contains useful guidance to help you ensure that your tank base won’t let you down.

UK Manufacturing

Our polyethylene tanks are manufactured in the UK using a rotational moulding process. This method creates a tank with no seams, reducing the possibility of splits and the resulting oil spills. The polymer material used is resistant to UV rays and produces a tank that’s durable and lighter on maintenance than a steel oil tank.

Compliance and Warranty

The slimline tanks in our range comply with all the relevant OFTEC requirements and Oil Pollution Prevention Guidelines (England and Wales) 2002 PPG2. They are also CE approved and carry the CE number on the body of the tank.

You’ll receive a warranty manual and your tank comes with a full 12-year warranty.

Still Need Something Different?

If a slimline plastic tank still isn’t right for your site, we also offer a bespoke tank design and manufacturing service. This enables us to create an oil tank that’s unique to your requirements. However tricky or unusual your proposed tank site is, we’re ready to take up the challenge of creating the perfect oil tank for you!

What to Do Now

If you’d like to talk to our team about choosing an oil tank that’s right for your needs, give us a call on 0330 999 1100 or email [email protected]. We’re always happy to offer impartial advice and help you make the right decision. We don’t just sell tanks, we provide solutions!