Why Choose Oil Heating instead of Gas?

Oil central heating, involving fuel stored in an oil storage tank and used to heat your radiators and hot water, is becoming more and more popular. In fact, over a million homes in the UK have oil heating. It’s 31% cheaper to heat an average home in the UK with an oil system as opposed to a gas boiler, so it’s no wonder more and more savvy home-owners are choosing to make the switch to oil.

Oil Heating is Cheaper

In fact, heating oil prices have risen only slightly since 2016. Oil is a highly efficient fuel. It burns at a higher temperature than natural gas. This means you get a good calorific return on every unit of energy. Modern gas condensing boilers waste some of the hot flue gas produced so are less efficient.

As a rough guide, the average annual cost for a UK home for both oil-fuelled heating and hot water is £830. Your insulation, home-size and individual preferences influence this figure, but it’s often cheaper than using a comparable gas heating system.

Oil Heating is Safer

There’s also safety to consider. All systems that burn fuel to produce heat must comply with relevant UK safety standards. They should also be regularly checked and maintained – always check your heating oil storage tank before refilling. However, although oil is flammable, it isn’t explosive like gas. It also doesn’t produce deadly carbon monoxide when it burns, eliminating worry about carbon monoxide poisoning accidents.

Oil Fuel Deliveries and Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Whereas gas is delivered by networks of pipes, heating oil is delivered by a small tanker and stored in an oil storage tank. That means that you can easily monitor your fuel usage and buy more fuel when you need it. You control when and how you use your fuel.

Remote locations and smaller villages often have no gas supply line close by, that’s not a problem for home-owners who choose to use heating oil. Deliveries are available in the most remote locations in the UK. There are thousands of heating oil suppliers. Competition between suppliers means you’re often able to shop around and get a really good price for your fuel.

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Cost-Effective Oil Heating Appliances

Another considerable financial benefit of oil over gas is the life expectancy of oil heating appliances. Appliances used to heat oil may last over 30 years, whereas comparable gas appliances can be expected to last between 11 – 14 years.

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